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This is a community for Pirates of the Caribbean fanfiction read aloud.


All the stories contained herein are fiction. Pirates of the Caribbean, all associated characters and plot elements, are property of Disney, and we mean no harm or disrespect by borrowing them. We're just having fun, and rest assured, we aren't dipping into the Mouse's pockets. RPS stories are in NO WAY meant to imply anything factual. They are fiction, they are based on real people, but they are not intended to be taken as truth. Stories are property of their original authors, and pirates_aloud contains no stories read without author permission. If you feel that your story has been included here by mistake, please contact hipfix at yahoo dot com and I will sort it out immediately.


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audiofic: Perception [July 16th]

[ mood | tongue-tied ]

Title: Perception
written by: hija_paloma
read by: drbillbongo
Pairing: it's Sparrington with a twist.
Rating: PG-13
My Note: Not being a native speaker, I apologize for every pronounciation mistake (including probably the writer's LJ-name). Feel free to ignore them. ;)


Perception (mp3-file, 9 MB)

hija_paloma, I hope you're not shocked...

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Fics offered for reading: There was One, Men Must Work, Shore Leave [June 17th]

Other fics up for grabs:

There Was One -- anyone want to read it?

Damn. I wish I'd held onto my Jack and James Muses longer.

All I can really toss in is that and Men Must Work

If KJ puts Moonverse up, I'll happily chuck in Steel Blue Knife, but otherwise I don't think I ought to. :-(

And -- okay.

Is anyone interested in reading Shore Leave?

It'd be a brute; it's 16 000 words. It's also crossover and may in fact therefore not even be on topic for this comm.

OTOH -- that would be one HELL of an audio book. I can see it being mad fun to do and have.

AND, it can be handily divided up by POV, with each reader doing one or two POVs, one section per file. (casting Orgy-Smut. Oh GOD)

I'm willing to do the splitting, audio-splicing and editing etc to make that all work, if people think it would be fun.

And I have damned_colonial's permission to offer it, will track down lady_bretagne if there is any interest.
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HMS Disobedience [June 17th]

MUCH fun.

So I wanted to put H.M.S. Disobedience up here, because I think it's just about the ideal sort of thing for reading aloud, but I can't read myself at the moment because my mic is busted (hija, the offer to do other stuff if wanted else still stands) and my allergies are acting up.

So I hit up my local Shakespearean actor, and the lovely and talented angevin2 very kindly read it for me, and here it is.

Right-click or Control-click and save, please, as I didn't zip it.
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*rushing to the head of the line* [May 26th]

title: Sea Road
author: linaelyn
person reading it: linaelyn
rating/pairing/summary: PG-13 for innuendo; Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will
The story in text form: here
file size/length of recording: 17 MB; 1 min 44 sec.

Sea Road

Did that work for y'all? I'm on a Mac, and I'm always concerned about the compatibility gap.
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[May 26th]

[ mood | creative ]

Well, I think I said everything here. If you want to join the community, please be sure to read the rules first. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to read that post, either.

I'm not going to be doing much with this for a week or two. Stick with me, check back in July, right? I'm really hoping this will be a lot of fun.

If you have any suggestions or comments, speak up! I'm eager to hear your thoughts.

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